Farewell Reba.

With the passing of Reba Heyman, the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia region lost one of the pillars of support for the folk music community. 

Along with her husband Vic, who passed away in 2009, these two titans attended, produced, and monetarily supported not only folk music events but in some cases gave funding or complementary services to singer songwriters. Their horizons spread beyond the DMV as well - for many years, Vic Heyman ran a singer/songwriter showcase in Rockville where the Institute of Musical Traditions would often supply sound and in many cases block book the artist(s) the same week as an IMT show. This could not have happened so easily without out the urging and heads up from Reba. We knew that if Reba recommended an artist, that was all the referral we needed! 

At IMT, if Reba was attending a show, two front row seats were reserved for her. Those two seats will be empty now but their support, kindness, and encouragement will remain deep in our hearts. 

David Eisner, 
founder of IMT